What we test

  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • API

Managed bug bounties

Looking for a calmer, managed approach to security testing?

Federacy triages and validates all vulnerability reports so that you receive only signal with minimal burden to your team.

Managed Bug Bounties

Security assessments & pentests

Partner or auditor asking for a pentest?

Federacy Assessments can satisfy compliance requirements or provide an initial view of security posture, utilizing the OWASP Top 10, Testing Guide, and/or Application Security Verification Standard.

OWASP Application Security Verification Standard

Vulnerability disclosure programs

Need a secure channel for vulnerability reports?

Federacy can be used as part of a vulnerability disclosure program, satisfying security controls for SOC2, GPDR, CCPA, and vendor programs.

Vulnerability report

Continuous security testing

Want to add SAST or dependency scanning to your build process?

We've created SecureDevelopment to make it easy and free, including integrations with CircleCI, Github Actions and any Docker-based system.

Continuous security testing

We’re on a mission to help developers secure their hard work.