Internet security is broken

Federacy is a cryptoeconomic protocol and decentralized platform for security research and vulnerability management. It will unite open source projects, and the companies that use them, with the largest pool of security researchers ever assembled.


Decentralized, real-time vulnerability research, resolution, remediation, and scanning built on community-driven smart contracts.


Incentivized to report and resolve vulnerabilities publicly and to validate the information provided by other researchers.


Incentivized to code review and merge vulnerability resolutions.


Incentivize research into projects or specific vulnerabilities, and create bounties.


Incentivized to contribute to consensus about the vulnerability status of an asset and are a factor for the policy engine.

Smart Contracts

Remove centralized authority and drive the incentivization process for the activities and behavior required for improving security.

Policy Engine

Enables organizations to limit access to an asset (docker, cloud, base image) based on vulnerability status and other authorizations.


James Sulinski

James Sulinski

Previously, Director of Engineering Operations at MoPub, scaling it to billions of requests per day, before it was acquired by Twitter for $350M. Prior to that, built distributed systems at, an early file-sharing startup, which was acquired by Facebook in 2009.

Arjuna Christensen

Arjuna Christensen

Was building distributed systems before devops was even a word. He’s an OG Chef contributor, golang gopher, multicopter/drone racing pilot, and has helped many companies tame unruly systems.

William Sulinski

William Sulinski

Founded Pistol Lake and AccelGolf, two venture-funded companies. Prior to that, was on the founding team, and Head of Product, at ad-tech company, Shareaholic, backed by General Catalyst.

Celeste Reign

Celeste Reign

A designer and full-stack engineer, she has also driven ad ops for numerous scrappy startups and is an epic organizer of information, cataloguer, and spreadsheet virtuoso. More recently, Solidity and smart contracts are her passion.

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