Bug bounties for startups

Enlist experts to find bugs in your software.

Continuous penetration testing

Outside researchers constantly test and discover vulnerabilities in your project while also working to remediate any found issues.

The top security researchers in the world

Security is too important to get wrong. Ship secure code and more of it by supplementing your engineers with some of the top security researchers in the world.

Less than 5 minutes to set up

Set up your program today and pay only for results. Engage security researchers in longer-term pentests and other projects with our upcoming click-to-contract feature.

Daisy-chained dependency soup

It isn't just the code you've authored that can get you into trouble. Every dependency, library, module and framework is a potential vulnerability as well. We’re building communities of companies and researchers to be stewards of the open source software we’ve built our businesses on.

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You can make a real difference in the fate of the teams you work with.

We invite you to work alongside some of the best security researchers in the world. You’ll be getting in early and helping us craft the platform. You should expect to only work with responsive startups who take security seriously.

We’re on a mission to help startups secure themselves.

William Sulinski

William co-founded and led product and operations at Slow Ventures-backed Pistol Lake, General Catalyst-backed Shareaholic, and TechStars-backed AccelGolf.

James Sulinski

James was an early engineer and Dir of Engineering-Ops at MoPub, which was acquired by Twitter, and drop.io, which was acquired by Facebook.