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Security researchers from all over the world will help you find and remediate high-risk vulnerabilities before attackers do.

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Continuous testing;
Only signal, no noise

Your engineers care about security, but you know you don’t have the resources internally to test your application and infrastructure as thoroughly as you’d like.

A bug bounty program is one of the most effective ways to secure your software. They incentivize a wide range of researchers with varied skills to continuously and independently test for vulnerabilities.

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Federacy has been a great security partner. Their team is incredibly thorough in their testing and their deep knowledge around all things security and engineering has been invaluable for our fast-moving team. We've really enjoyed the level of support they provide via Slack as well.

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Sumukh Sridhara General Manager, AngelList Venture
Powerful vulnerability management

Powerful vulnerability management

While we actively test for three weeks, we engage for the entire year, almost like a lightweight outsourced-CISO, available via Slack to answer any and all-security related questions. We’re available to help with architectural and security tooling decisions, dependency risk assessment, vulnerability remediation, and many other areas.

The best security researchers in the world

Federacy security researchers have studied or worked at such institutions as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, CERT, Google, Twitter, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. They are OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, CREST, and CEH certified. We work in teams and focus on vulnerability chaining, business logic, authentication and authorization.

Vulnerability report

Triage, remediation assistance, and on-demand, CISO-like guidance included

For our managed programs, we augment your team by staffing a shared Slack channel and are available to support you beyond just triaging your bug bounty reports. This enables us to help with remediation in real-time and provides a place to discuss higher-level security or architectural topics.

Deep research

We take the time to document and learn the ins-and-outs of your applications and APIs for several reasons: to answer questions from researchers, understand your mitigative controls, and thoroughly evaluate the impact of a vulnerability, particularly looking for chaining potential with other known issues.

Our researchers primarily focus on legitimately impactful vulnerabilities, such as IDOR, RCE, and SSRF, which could lead to breach notification requirements if detected by someone with malicious intent.

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  • Vulnerability inbox

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Bug Bounty

$ 599 /month
  • All Disclosure Program features

  • Onboarding & VDP assistance

  • Report awarding

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$ 899+ /month
  • All Bug Bounty features

  • Report triage and validation

  • Slack channel for remediation advice

  • Managed by Federacy badge

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