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Our mission is to secure the world.


We support people who want to create and build, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race or where they were born. This has been a principle of hacker culture since origin, and we advocate it.


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William Sulinski

Founded Pistol Lake, an online-first apparel company. Prior to that, he was on the founding team and Head of Product of Shareaholic, a content amplication platform, backed by General Catalyst and Kepha Partners.

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James Sulinski

Built systems at Drop.io, a file-sharing and communication startup acquired by Facebook, then scaled MoPub to billions of requests per day as an early engineer and director of operations.

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Arjuna Christensen

Was building distributed systems before devops was even a word. He's an OG Chef contributor, golang gopher, multicopter/drone racing pilot, and has helped many companies tame unruly systems.




building software and companies related to content delivery, infrastructure, and the domain name system


founder/ceo of ns1, internet infrastructure geek and serial entrepreneur, specialized in architecting high-volume, globally distributed interweb infrastructure



writing and scaling complex software and systems


first engineer at mopub after graduating from MIT in 2010, wrote core software, scaling to billions of requests per day

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